Kids Station

Mark D. Zeigler DMD provides pediatric dental care in New Castle, PA. Please feel free to use tools provided below to help us teach your child about dental care.


Tooth Fairy Dental Quiz



1. How long should you brush your teeth?

a. 1 minute

b. 30 seconds

c. 2 minutes

d. 10 minutes


2. Which kinds of foods are the worst on your teeth?

a. Gummy Worms

b. Granola Bars

c. Milk Shakeskid-0002

d. Cup Cakes

e. All of the Above


3. What causes cavities?

a. Bad Breath

b. Fluoride

c. Germs and bacteria

d. Flossing

4. How many teeth are in an adult mouth?kid-0003

a. Less than 10

b. Between 15 and 25

c. Between 28 and 32

d. Between 50 to 100


5. Which are usually good sources of fluoride?

a. well water

b. water filtered by reverse osmosis

c. fluoridated tap water

d. bottled water


6. What should you do if a permanent tooth is knocked out?kid-03

a. call your dentist

b. replace the tooth in the socket

c. put the tooth in bag of ice

d. both a and b


7. Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be:

a. at around age 3 years

b. when they get their first tooth

c. before age 3 if they are having problems with their teeth

d. any of the above


Answers: 1. (c), 2. (e), 3. (c), 4. (c), 5. (c), 6. (d), 7, (d)